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Leeds & District CGBA is an amalgamation of West Yorkshire County, Leeds ABA and Leeds & District Bowling Association. They successfully agreed unification in January 2002.

The benefits of this unification, are that the new body manage County representation, this means that that the district body, as a member of Yorkshire County, is responsible for all competitions, merit cups ties, and league bowling in the district. Having all bowling under one body eliminates silly rivalries for venues and greens, whilst providing a well managed programme for the bowlers of Leeds. It is the sole negotiating body for bowling in the district.

Latest News

17th April 2018
“ All clubs are invited to send their proposed Safeguarding Officer to a meeting at Thorner BC, on Saturday 9th June at 10am”. The purpose of this meeting is for each representative to complete their application, with the Yorkshire Safeguarding Officer, Sheila Whiteley, in attendance. Each representative should bring along the following forms of identification: 2 forms of personal identification with photo evidence ( e.g. Passport, Driving Licence, Bus Pass), and one form of identification of their address (e.g. Utility Bill, Council Tax Bill, etc). Each candidate will also need to know their National Insurance number. Contact Joyce Broadbent ( 01937 574224) if you require more details.

Regards - Joyce Broadbent
Important Note

Could you please note the following Bye-Laws

The following dress code shall be applied to all of the Association’s team competition “Final” days, and Merit/Pairs Finals where there has been a qualifying round:
  1. Trousers shall be full length and single coloured. Studs, rivets and external pockets on the legs are not allowed.
  2. Shirts should preferably be collared, and must have sleeves.
  3. Where necessary, sweaters and/or wet weather gear may be worn.
  4. Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of track suits, shell suits or denims.
It is the duty of every member of every Club affiliated to the Association to acquaint themselves with the Bye-laws and Rules of the Association. The Management Committee of the Association will at no time accept a plea of ignorance to such Bye-laws and Rules.
Cup Matches
It has been noted that many teams are playing inelegible players in the cup Competition. Would both captains and players please familiarise themselves with the rules of the association regarding Cup Competitions.
The league averages have now been set to sort on Players who have played more than 67%.  Previous sorting was on wins priority
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