British Crown Green Bowling Association


British Crown Green Bowling Association Fees 2021


I have been asked to write to you following the recent BCGBA Executive meeting regarding the fees for 2021. The rules of the Association indicate a fee of 35-00 being the annual fee payable by Member Clubs.


The BCGBA Executive committee is not able to alter the fee without a rule change at the Annual General Meeting, so the fee therefore remains at 35-00. However, following analysis of the current financial position and to help struggling clubs we have agreed to subsidise the fee for 2021.


Member clubs who have paid the fee for 2020 (to be confirmed by Members Counties by 31st January) will therefore have a subsidy in 2021.


Clubs who have not paid the 2020 fee to their County association by this date will not be able to take advantage of the subsidy and must pay full fees for both 2020 and 2021.


Clubs who have not paid will remain on the suspended list until the fee for 2020 and 2021 is paid and will not be able to enter any competitive bowling until this has been paid.


Member Clubs who have paid the 2020 fees in full, will pay just 20-00 in 2021 adding up to a total of 55-00 over the 2 years in question. This 20-00 must be paid in accordance with normal County Association collection methods and submitted to BCGBA as per the rules.


Many thanks,


Mark Bircumshaw (On behalf of the Executive Committee)

5th January 2021