††††††††††††††††††††† Aughton & District Bowling League AGM 5-2-2020







In Memoriam

R Brown







Chairmanís Report

George Fitzpatrick


George welcomed the President Marcus Bleasdale and thanked him for his continued support and generous donation each year which is appreciated.

George reflected on a good season



Minutes of AGM 2018

The minutes of the 2019 AGM, were accepted.




Treasurers Report


Steve Willets gave his financial report and that there was a loss on the season of £92.21 which is less than last year and stated that it is with the Presidents support that we can continue to pay the prize money for all thecompetitions,

The accounts were accepted.



Election of Officers

All Officers were re-elected. on bloc



Notices of Motions


1, NSC, seconded by Crossens.

Play the Knockout Cup on a home & away basis reducing the teams to 8 so 4 at home & four away, after some discussion this was voted on.

10 for 3 against.

It was agreed that the winning team is by the highest Aggregate, if a draw, most wins, if still a draw best win at either green


2, Crossens Winning team to be decided by the most wins, Crossens withdraw their proposal due tothe above being accepted.



Review of fees

Steve willets told the members that there was no intention to increase the league fees for this season



Secretaryís Report

Eric Barklem
























Knockout Cup





First Match

Last Match


Dates for the comps


Addison Pairs Comp

Bleasdale Cup


Botanic Gardens have withdrawn from the leagues so there will be 8 teams in each division.


Two sets of fixtures were discussed

Option 1,

Start the matches on 22nd April until 9th Sept.

Option 2 ,

Start 6th May until 23rd Sept.

Option 1, was accepted.


The previous season (2018) the Addison Pairs over ran so last season the competition was played in the middle of the season on the longest day and it still over ran with the floodlights still required so this competition had been moved back to the end of the season, plus there was a lot of complaints about only playing 3 matches then a comp then playing another 3 match and another comp etc as some players donít play in comps and if a team had been knocked out of the Knockout Cup they had no matches on those nights


The draw for the Knockout Cup was made



Wed 20th May

Wed 1st July

Wed 12 August



Wed 22nd April

Wed 5th August




Wed 19th August, Final26th August

Wed 2nd September, Final 9th September

























1, BCGBA affiliation will increase to £35 this season.

2, BCGBA Rule Amendment:- Page 49, 19.1 the word sandals will be removed and replaced with open toed footwear

3, LCCGBA request that all cheques must be made out to Lancashire County Crown Green Bowling Association written in full as Lloyds bank will not accept any cheques made out to LCGBA or LCCGBA anymore.

OR you can pay by going to Lloyds bank and pay by bank transfer, OR by BACS if you do internet banking

Information how to pay will be sent out with the affiliation forms

4, LCCGBA complain every year regarding the incorrect filling in of the affiliation forms each year, the forms are correct when sent out and requests that the full Christian name should be entered for each player along with the DOB. Also is a player has passed away or left or does not bowl make a note on the left hand side

5, LCCGBA, the chair Hilda Jones requests that anyone who holds a DBS certificate to send a copy to her c/o 220 Preston Road, Coppull, Chorley PR7 5EB or send to Keith Andrews along with your affiliation form.



AOB/Matters arising


Lancs & Sefton Juniors had asked the league for a donation of £40.00 towards the running costs of their league, this was agreed.







Close of meeting

As there was no further items the meeting was closed at 8.20pm